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jen doesn't fucking like you anymore's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
jen doesn't fucking like you anymore

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(7 shaken, not stirred)

[23 Sep 2002|10:44pm]
[ mood | jaded ]

According to the purity test on spark; I'm 66% pure...and it's lowering by the minute. Fun huh?

Sign found in the showers Saturday:

Due to maintanence concerns and clogging of drains, we ask that there be no masturbating in the showers or urinals. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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[23 Sep 2002|11:17am]
[ mood | affiliated ]

Guess what happens in exactly one week from today.

Oh yea.


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The teacher won't accept tears...they don't have the right number of sig figs. [03 Sep 2002|12:16am]
[ mood | damned ]

Damn this homework that I don't understand. Damn homework even more that I do understand; but think I don't; cause I forget to convert it back to kg's from g's.

Damn the people down the hall that yell ALL the damn time.

Damn Alex for never telling us where exactly we are supposed to be in Calc. I have no idea. Also damn the fact that we're jumping from Ch. 2 to Ch 10.

Damn the fact that I have TWO lab reports due this week [due to the fact that I"m taking two lab sciences...] that I haven't started yet. Three if you count the SRS report that I have to turn in that I haven't calculated. And damn even more that stupid girl that isn't checking her mail to tell me what I need to know. I gave her the answers she was missing...does she not have the gumption to email me back. Bitch.

Met a kid from upstairs that has an LJ; and now I don't want one anymore; cause he's everything I don't want to be.

Damn the shifty kid downstairs that just shows up in my doorway.

Just damn. That is all Ihave to say about any of it.

....I'm going to get in the shower now.

(4 shaken, not stirred)

[29 Aug 2002|10:32pm]
[ mood | liquidized ]

"Georgia Tech: Where the odds are good; but the goods are odd"-Melody's away message; and how true it is. Heh.

Firstly--I would like to thank Todzy and Jimmy who somehow indirectly made me download Pinback; and now I am in love with them.

My days have pretty much run together. It's all just routine and stuff...nothing very exciting happens here. I am WAY out of my league. I have to bust my ass to stay in the game; forget ahead of it. And yet...I'm having the freakin' time of my life.

Very much so fun people go to school here...with the exception of the sneaky sneak and the DDR kid on the fourth floor.

Want to kill the kid from the other building. Last night we had a hall meeting between my building [Folk] and the one we are connected to [Caldwell]. We were voting on Hall Council Reps; or something like that...and Folk DOMINATED..and this dumb ass standing behind me KEPT saying OVER and OVER and OVER--"Those Crazy Folk" Then cracking up at his lame ass joke. He epitomized a "Techie" and I wanted to break his face for it.

He also theorized that the thing that regulates elections is the weather. He's decided that the reason George Bush is in office is because it was raining. Riiight. Because it was raining ALL over the country on election day....yet again; earning another smack point from me. Loser.

Carrie is in my floor bitching about Chemistry. I am bringing her to Athens with me sometime; cause she's fun times and knows nothing about Georgia. Heh

Away I go; to play the Calculus game. But I love you and you and you and especially you.

(4 shaken, not stirred)

Dick...WHEE! [26 Aug 2002|07:18pm]
[ mood | whiney ]

Today was.......long.

First of all; I didn't sleep for shit last night. Then I had boring Bio; and mildly understandable Chem.

Came back with all intentions of skipping lunch to nap; but wound up skipping lunch and helping Swathy right her English paper...cause they do things mega differently in India.

So; I spent the rest of my day being hungry...and still am such; cause Mel is MIA...and last time I went to eat; she came back four minutes later..and wanted to go...so; I spect I'll wait.

Was in Chem lab for three hours...with a girl who irritated the shit out of me. But; I guess it was better than getting stuck with some of the people.

And now; here I am. Exhausted, hungry, and whining to Rrick.

(3 shaken, not stirred)

So; this is it... [16 Aug 2002|02:11pm]
[ mood | fidgity ]

Alright. Got moved in okay..no big deal.

As I said to Daddy when buying more accessories for the room..."It's Hunter green with Steel Grey accents." He laughed. I'll have pictures eventually. When I get my ftp set up and stuff. I know you're all excited.

Bought my books and stuff. $605. And; I still have to buy the Calc solutions book; cause it wasn't in yet. Hmf.

You would think I'd have a lot to say--but I don't. Other than I'm here...I'm not dead...and my roommate is A-OK. She likes Goldfish too.

Going to fight with my DVD player again.

(not stirred)

[15 Aug 2002|10:28pm]
Okay....so; I got moved in.

Wasn't so bad; really...not THE most fun thing ever; but I'm here--and alive.

Pictures to come.

Details later--just know that I'm alive.

(2 shaken, not stirred)

Breaking up [with Athens] is Hard to Do.... [15 Aug 2002|07:55am]
[ mood | enigmatic ]

*sigh* Bye Athens....

Bye Milk Carton off the Chase Street Exit.

Bye Blue Sky

Bye Stupid; repeatitive local shows--that I really will uber miss.

Bye yummy homecooked meals.

Bye horrid HORRID local mall that I sadly know like the back of my hand.....

Bye......just bye.


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Those were the days... [14 Aug 2002|01:24pm]
Hey Arrie--I just found a great picture of us on the Orgasm Couch at the Above.

*sigh* That's when shows were fun...

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Countdowns Agogo [13 Aug 2002|03:10pm]
[ mood | packaged ]

I love how we've all got countdowns.

Wes is all "Yay! Athens in 9 days!"

Todzy and Jimmy are all "Yay! Athens Tomorrow!"

Carley is all "Yay West Ga in 4 days!"

I'm all "Yay; ATL in 2 days!"

....and then there's Arrie......who's all "yay....milledgeville..."

:oD I heart you Arrie Brown!

(not stirred)

"Is it supposed to burn when I pee?" [12 Aug 2002|12:59am]
[ mood | rushed ]

Well--my last great summer fun party weekend has come and gone; and it was very whee! Right Rrick? Heh

Yay for party time with lots of people I didn't know. And yay for getting to know Allison better; and not hating Lisa. And yay for Crystal coming to hang out with us.

And; yay for xXx. *drool*

Not yay for losing chunks of hair; and having to bite aviator. But that was his fault. Dammit.

Rush Rush Rush. Gah.

(not stirred)

Why'd you have to go and break my heart? [10 Aug 2002|02:16am]
[ mood | agitated ]

Yea Goldfinger.. What Arrie said. Take that, Bitch.

Countdown: 5 days

(1 shaken, not stirred)

Yeesh [08 Aug 2002|09:16pm]
[ mood | stuffed ]

Have been laundering for the past couple of days. Not out of desperation for clean unders as per usual...but so I can take all clean things with me. Ugh. Dreaded packing.

I'm bringing all the big stuff--TV; fridge; etc...because Roommate is coming from FL and will not be able to make multiple trips because of overcrowded car. So; I will save her precious space by bringing this stuff....plus the fact that I already have it and will not have to purchase anything.

Arrie--Room is EXCEPTIONALLY hot now that I'm running an additional computer and my furnace of a stereo is working again. It is also not a good idea to stand up quickly to turn on the fan; for it causes dizziness.

Nana fed me goodies tonight. Mashed potatos; green peas; cream corn; biscuits; cantaloupe.

Am going to order a shit load of clothes now. Yay!

There is a random person out here in the middle of bumblefuck that drives a Viper...and that person is not me. Thus I do not like him/her.

(not stirred)

Yay for Technology liking me again! [08 Aug 2002|12:24pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

I'm turning into Bryan. I have two computers....with three more on the way.

AND my stereo has mystically decided to NOT hate me again; and is now playing music.

Days to go: 7

[Countdowns make me feel like Kel]

(6 shaken, not stirred)

Dignity; what's that? [06 Aug 2002|06:35pm]
[ mood | scarred ]

So; I got up this morning and was sliced. Now I'm gonna have a huge freakin' scar..that's not nearly as cute as the speckle. Hmf. 15 Stitches....and it's hurting like a bitch now.

Also acquired the Sopranos.

Am bored.

Spud is like my drug dealer. That's funny. He's my hero.

(not stirred)

[05 Aug 2002|02:00pm]
After not having internet for a few days [which seems like an eternity] I am back; thanks to Arrie. Not thanks to Jeff's Pa. [Not that I blame him; I'd get DSL over dial-up too]

You know what's comforting? No matter how many others there are...I will always be the favorite. I will never be outdone.

WAY too much crap has happened to try to fill you in...so I won't.

(6 shaken, not stirred)

Hey--YOU! [26 Jul 2002|02:50am]
[ mood | evasive ]

Okay. Here's something I want you to do. EVERY SINGLE ONE of you. My feelings are going to be mega hurt if you don't participate....

I want a new screenname. VenemousFeminist is starting to bore me. And, of course; I have a million others registered...but none of them are tickling my fancy as of current...so--you make a suggestion. PLEASE!

And after I've gotten all my suggestions....if I don't like what you have to say; then I'll use a back up.

(2 shaken, not stirred)

Open Letter: Professionals [24 Jul 2002|10:51pm]
Dear Doctor's and other Professionals

You say: "Make an appointment, we can fit you in on Monday at 3" So; we get there promptly at three, and maybe a little before so as not to aggitate you...or keep you waiting because you're a busy man/woman. But, are we seen immediatly? No. We're put into a waiting room for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more. THEN one of your nurses with the personality of a dishrag comes to the door, smiles, says our name, and escorts us to another room.

By all practicality--you SHOULD be there waiting on us....seeing as we're now well past the time we made the appointment for. But, do we see you yet? No. We wait another million years.

Then you'll come in with some boneheaded remark, hoping to make us smile, and forget how mad we are at you for making us wait forever. Then you'll be in the room for maybe ten minutes and then charge us an assload for wasting our time.

You call this an honest living? We don't pay you to do us a service nine out of ten times. We pay you for a seat on an uncomfortable little table; reading horrible magazines that hold no intrest and are probably exposing us to even MORE germs. Ick.

Forever waiting,

(7 shaken, not stirred)

Questions and Lists [16 Jul 2002|04:20am]
[ mood | frusterated ]

Okay...here's another question: What is one of your all time favorite songs...you know there's at least one that you could listen to a million times. And, I'm talking about something that's lasted at least a couple of years, not a RIGHT NOW, type thing...

One of mine would be// The Offspring: "Self-Esteem"

CD wish listCollapse )

(not stirred)

[15 Jul 2002|08:58pm]
[ mood | laundered ]

After not doing laundry for so long, today I have washed/put up:

Skirts: 3
Jeans: 5
Bathing Suits: 3
Shorts: 4
Lounge Pants: 8
PJ's//shorts: 8//tops:6
Shirts: 32
Pairs of socks: 10//unmatched: 3
Unders: 34
Things that aren't mine: 5

---and as soon as I compile my list: I'll put up my "wish list" like Arrie. :oP---

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