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jen doesn't fucking like you anymore
30 September
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I couldn't wait to breathe your breath
I cut in line and bled to death
I got to you; there was nothing left
against all athority, agnostic front, alberto vargas, alvin and the chipmunks, angelina jolie, anti-flag, anti-heros, arthur, athens, atom and his package, bad religion, bare knuckled bastards, bikini kill, billie joe armstrong, bouncing souls, boxers, boys in bands, business, cartoon tee-shirts, catch-22, cheap trick, chocolate chip cookies, chopsticks, community chaos, concerts, cosmo, darwin fish, dead roses, deniro, disney movies, dogma, down by law, downtown, downtown athens, dreams, driving, dropkick murphys, eels, emo, evergreen terrace, exit 86, fazoli's, flamingos, flogging molly, frank sinatra, ga tech, genetics, georgia tech, goldfinger, goldfish, green day, guff, gummi bears, guttermouth, guy ritchie, hamsters, hondas, independent films, iron cross, italians, jack off jill, james bond, jeeps, jucifer, julia stiles, jump little children, kids, krays, lagwagon, lava lamps, lighters, lite-brites, local music, longfellow, loud music, love letters, main street saints, mark hoppus, matches, matt damon, memento, movies, muscle cars, mxpx, my doggy, my mommy, neutral milk hotel, nofx, oi, old mustangs, one way system, operation ivy, orange juice, pennywise, pietasters, plasticware, provino's, punk, punk boys, punk compilations, rancid, road trips, sanibel island, saves the day, sean connery, shows, sketching, skoidats, slc punk, sleeping, snl, social distortion, star tattoos, stealing cars, sublime, tattoos, teen idols, terminus city, texas death machine, the ataris, the brusiers, the donnas, the godfather, the house of yes, the pixies, the sopranos, thongs, tongue rings, vampires, wallace & gromit, weezer, wesley willis, whippersnapper, wretched ones, yorkies

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